Sale of ready-made video materials for individuals

Sale of licence (Royalty-free, Rights-Managed, Extended Royalty-free, Editorial) of previously Manufactured Video materials

Our agency offers to private individuals the opportunity to acquire rights to previously manufactured video materials under standard licenses.

If you see any video on our website that suit you, please contact us and we will provide you with information about the possibilities of using them for your projects.

Before signing the contract, the client must indicate the purpose of using the videos and choose one of the possible licenses for the videos or the option “personal use”.

In the case of the “personal use” option, by signing the contract, the client confirms that any of the materials received will not be distribute unless the prior written approval is provided by the Agency. In case of violation of this clause, the Customer agrees to voluntarily pay the Agency a fine of $ 10,000 for every discovered fact of distribution of photo. The Customer also agrees that if they refuse to pay the fine voluntarily, all issues will be resolved in accordance with applicable law in the Agency’s territory.



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