Public offer


Model agency Brima.d offers private and commercial customers to conclude an agreement on the terms of the offer.

1. Subject of the contract:


2. The contract is concluded from the moment of payment of the order by the buyer.

3. Production and shipment. Delivery of goods from different categories of services has a different duration and is indicated individually in each service. In the case of the conclusion of contracts for any of the model services, the duration of delivery and the timing of production are indicated in the contract.

4. If any of the ordered files are damaged or the order does not comply with the agreement with the client, the client must contact us with e-mail within 3 days after receiving the order. And then we will be able to discuss acceptable options for the client: the recovery of damaged materials and re-sending the client or reworking the order. Send us an email at We will review the claim and will respond to you within 3 business days. As subject of letter please add “Problems with order”

5.If no agreement is reached, disputes are submitted to the Arbitration Court of Ukraine.

6. The buyer agrees to provide the seller with the following personal data:

  • full name;
  • address;
  • copy of the passport and a photo of his/her identity document (passport, driver’s license) in the hand to confirm his/her identity (in order to prevent the use of forged documents or use the documents without the owner’s knowledge). The Agency, in turn, is prohibited from using the specified documents and photos for any purpose.
  • contact phone number;
  • e-mail address.

7. When paying with a bank card, the client is sent to the Fondy payment service, which is responsible for processing and maintaining the client’s bank card data.

8. Customer data is used to pay for prepare contract, payment of order and delivery.

9.The Customer is not entitled in any way to distribute the website materials (photo, video, audio, text materials) unless the prior written approval is provided by the Agency. The Customer confirms the fact that he will use all the photos he purchased only for the purposes specified in contract. In case of violation of this clause, the Customer agrees to voluntarily pay the Agency a fine of $ 10,000 for every discovered fact of distribution of photo. The Customer also agrees that if they refuse to pay the fine voluntarily, all issues will be resolved in accordance with applicable law in the Agency’s territory.

10. Seller Company information

Brand name – Brima.d

Brand registration number – 226217

Company name – Brima.d LLC

Tax Reference – 42870043

Legal address – Ukraine, 21021, Vinnitsa region, Vinnitsa city, 600th anniversary street 15, office 9

mob: +380634912807


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