Production of ready-made video materials for companies

Production of videos for online advertising, presentation of clothes, shoes, hairstyles, makeup, jewelry, music videos, etc.

Our agency offers services in the field of manufacturing finished advertising products with the participation of our models or, if necessary, the participation of invited models for the project.

If you need to present your products, all that is required of you, describe your idea and provide products for the time of filming, the rest our team will do for you.

If you need to create a training video, presentation, or filling the site or any other video material, contact us and we are always happy to provide you with favorable conditions and different types of licenses for the use of finished materials.

In order to order the production of materials you will need:

  • provide complete information about the project (idea, shooting style, clothing accessories, etc.) and where it is planned to use finished materials.
  • provide information about the company (name, registration number, legal address, contact person, phone number).
  • after that we will prepare a contract with the conditions that we can offer you and if you do not propose suggestions for amendments, the contract must be signed by both parties.
  • after you have paid the contract, we will proceed with the execution of your application.

The cost of projects is not fixed because it depends on many factors associated with your project and is calculated individually for each client.

Standard License

A simple or non-exclusive license implies that copyrights can be transferred to several persons at once. The licensee is granted the right to use the works with the author retaining the right to issue licenses to other persons. This type of license is assumed by default (unless otherwise provided by the license agreement).

Standard rights include the following:

  • Use on the network. Video clips can be used on websites and social media applications, as well as websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. They can even be added to downloadable materials. The audience size for such use is limited to 500,000.
  • Use for live performances. Video clips can also be used in live performances such as musicals, corporate presentations and concerts with an audience of up to 500,000 spectators.
  • Use on websites. When placing video clips on a web page, restrictions on the size of the audience are not imposed.

Standard rights do not include the following:

  • Transmission on television. The standard license for video clips does not allow their use in television broadcasts and advertising. Cable and satellite broadcasting is also prohibited.
  • Screening in movie theaters. The standard license for video clips does not provide for cinema shows.
  • Distribution of video beyond the above.
  • The standard license for video clips does not allow the distribution of videos outside the framework of the above, including streaming services such as Netflix.

Exclusive License

According to this license agreement, the licensee is granted the right to use art objects without preserving the author’s right to issue licenses to other persons. This means that the author transfers the exclusive rights to his work to one person (or company) and can no longer distribute it anywhere.

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